Boy Scouts – Expiration Date (Video)

Next month, Boy Scouts are releasing a new album, Free Company. Last month, the Taylor Vick-led project shared its lead single, “Get Well Soon,” and today she’s sharing another track from it, “Expiration Date.” Vick delivers the ultimatum in a cool, calm, and collected manner: “Everything great has an expiration date, I think and I wait for my fate to show up late,” she sings. “With our hands untied/ I look you straight where you didn’t cry/ I’ve not told you but I am done trying.”

The song’s music video, which was directed by Madeline Kenney, takes place at a joint birthday party with Stephen Steinbrink, who co-produced the album and sings on the track.

“Everything changes all the time. Nothing will last forever,” Vick says in a statement. “It’s such a hard concept to grasp because we just get so attached to things and people and situations. But stuff can’t stay how it is forever. That’s also to be said about bad stuff that happens. It won’t weigh you down forever.”

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