3 Types of Insurance Every Nigerian Needs

3 Types of Insurance Every Nigerian Needs

Let’s begin with the notion in direction of insurance coverage in Nigeria: In this half of this world, quantity of the inhabitants will not be acquainted with unusual insurance coverage varieties just like the Device Insurance – on the very least. 

However, many Nigerians don’t take Insurance Policies severely. We both kind the fallacious notions about Insurance or we aren’t positive what we stand to achieve after we safe an Insurance Policy. 

When requested if they’d an Insurance coverage, a Nigerian responded: “I have God, why do I need an Insurance policy”? Another stated: “I don’t fall sick, what do I need Health Insurance for? It’s a waste of money”. 

Living within the 21st century, perceptions as these are injurious to our wellbeing, in addition to of these round us. A significant profit of insurance coverage lies in its protection towards unexpected circumstances. 

We don’t plan for these items. It’s why an insurance coverage coverage stands because the bodyguard to guard us towards looming accidents. These accidents maintain the tendency to cart one’s life financial savings in a single fell swoop. Car Insurance? Business Insurance? Travel Insurance? Home and Properties Insurance? Life and Health Insurance? Name it. There are insurance coverage insurance policies for nearly something pertaining to human sensibilities. However, one might not essentially safe all of them.

For the aim of this submit, we’ve got streamlined these insurance coverage varieties to 3; peculiar to the common Nigerian. 

1. Life Insurance  

Do you may have folks financially relying on you? Parents? Siblings? Children? Relatives? You ought to take into account life insurance coverage as a high possibility in your record of insurance coverage insurance policies. Because life insurance coverage is worried with dying, it depicts fairly a delicate matter of dialogue. 

Simply put, the life insurance coverage coverage compensates the household of the deceased. Some insurance coverage corporations additionally bear the fee of the funeral. You can try different particulars on life insurance coverage right here.

2. Health Insurance

The exorbitant worth in medical charges is motive sufficient to make medical insurance a necessity. Arguably, medical insurance is one of an important insurance coverage insurance policies you may safe as a Nigerian. With the statistics on street accidents and environmental air pollution, the common Nigerian is vulnerable to a number of well being issues.

An everyday go to to the hospital incurs not-so-handsome monetary obligations, not to mention; emergencies involving surgical procedures. We are fairly spiritual in Nigeria, aren’t we; Like our brethren that made reference to “having God”? We aren’t right here to debate spiritual issues however The Holy Bible acknowledges “Giving what belongs to God and giving what belongs to Caesar”.

We by no means actually know the extent to which emergencies are financially-intensive till we expertise them. Don’t wait to be caught up in its warmth.

3. Home and Property Insurance

Some sources might embody Auto (or Car) Insurance as a coverage to think about. While we really agree with this, we thought it’d be nice to marginalise it with the Home and Property Insurance coverage. And, not everybody has a automobile. Oh, effectively, not everybody owns a home too.

Owning a automobile and a home are lifetime investments, proper? How pathetic would it not be if these investments are caught up in flames? 

What’s worse is that if it was secured on mortgage. You see, these incidents occur so they don’t seem to be fallacies. And, they may occur to anybody too. 

Property insurance coverage is additional subdivided into Homeowner’s Insurance and Renters Insurance. The former appeals to what we discuss with as landlords, whereas the latter resonates with tenants or renters. 


Emergencies may pose a harmful danger to your wellbeing – and that is one sincere revelation. Get within the know right now; safe your self and your loved ones below the Insurance umbrella.


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